Full cover set (582 motor - 3 blades)

Full cover set (582 motor - 3 blades)

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* Propeller Blades:

* Motor:

* Wing Tip:

* Parachute:

* Nose:

* Tail:

* Wing Type:

* Measurement 1 (inches): From the tip of the wing to the centre of the opening of the first strut:

* Measurement 2 (inches): From the first strut centre to the second strut centre:

* Measurement 3 (inches): Overall length from the tip to the centre of the fuselage:

Our plane covers are very easy to install and remove. By using a 100% polyester polymeric impregnation coated woven fabric, we keep the weight under 20 pounds, allowing the owner to bring the covers with him in the plane. Folded tightly, it requires less than 1 cu. foot. The 100% polyester thread used to sew each panel is UV protected and silicone impregnated to ensure better water resistance.

A soft non-woven polypropylene/nylon backing protects doors and Lexan windshield.

The material is designed for this application with the following benefits:  high strength, water and abrasion resistant, mildew and ultraviolet resistance, good color fastness, and lasting outdoor durability.


Complete set includes: 

  • Fuselage 
  • Wings
  • Motor 
  • Tail 
  • Propeller (3 blades)
  • Radiator cover.

Color: Grey