Made from the same aviation seat fabric, the side panel enhances your aircraft interior. Vinyl inserts at strategic points protect from rubbing feet at pedals and bottom door rails.

The front section includes a pocket (for maps, iPad, small gear) which closes with a zipper for safety.

The rear section includes one large pocket for all kinds of usable goods.

Installing the side panel takes a few minutes.  Side panels are attached with Velcro, just outside, close to bottom door rail. To cut out all custom controls knobs and levers, just use Exacto knife for vinyl or a hot knife for fabric. Just apply high tactile velcro (supplied) to door rail and attach side panel to it.

Ordering Process

Side panels must be custom fitted to your specific airplane.  

Step 1. Upon placement of your order, we will mail you a mock plastic pattern for you to verify against your airplane and mark any custom alterations as required.

Step 2. Mail the completed mock plastic pattern back to us for the completion of your order.  (Note: You will need to cover the cost for the postage from your location to us (approximately $15 within Canada)).



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